Ground Source Heat Pumps Explained:

Each apartment at Iceworks is designed to be Eco friendly and has the benefit of a Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) to provide hot water and heating. A Ground Source Heat Pump collects solar energy stored as heat in the ground and upgrades it via the heat pump to a temperature hot enough to provide energy for hot water and underfloor heating. This is an ultra-efficient and reliable technology producing extremely low CO2 emissions and the lowest energy bills; lower than air source heat pumps, oil and LPG. Each pump has a life expectancy of 20-25 years with minimal servicing and maintenance costs.

Benefits of Ground Source Heat Pumps

Extremely low CO2 emissions enabling a great EPC rating

Lower energy bills; slightly lower than air source heat pumps, LPG & oil

Ultra efficient and reliable

Minimal service and maintenance costs

Completely unobtrusive – no visual impact

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